Icons of the Mad

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This community is for mentally ill LiveJournal denizens to find icons and to display icons that they have made relating to mental illness. All aspects of mental illness are relevant. We speak madness here.


  • All posts and icons must be on topic.

  • This is a LiveJournal icon community. Images outside the bounds of 100X100 pixels and/or greater than 40k are not allowed, with the exception of icon requests. When posting an icon request, all images outside the bounds of 100X100 pixels should be placed behind a <lj-cut>.

  • Only four icons in a post are allowed outside of a <lj-cut>.

  • Faux cuts are not allowed. Post content in this community, do not simply link to it.

  • All posts must have comments enabled.

  • Post only your own creations.

  • Do not pass moral judgement on other members of this community

  • Advertising other communities is allowed only if that community is relevant in theme. No images are allowed in such advertisements.

  • This community was created by neitherday.

    Sister communities: recursion, spiralpauper, spiralpoets
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